Frequently Asked Questions  
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do Audio Nouveau speakers sound so great?

A. There is not a single reason but a combination of ingredients.

1. Components. We only use top quality drivers and crossover parts. The drivers (tweeter midrange and woofer) are made by a Norwegian company named Seas. They have been carefully selected and matched.

2. Cabinet design. The cabinet has to provide a precise amount of air behind each driver for it to function properly. Inner chambers and internal braces are used to accomplish this. Some designs have ports which allows a controlled amount of air to enter and exit the cabinet and creates deeper bass. Audio Nouveau speakers are ported.

3. Cabinet construction. This is another area where Audio Nouveau shines. Mass produced speakers use cheaper materials and butt joints to hold internal bracing and chambers in place. This technique works for a while, but will loosen in time allowing the internal air volume to change affecting the crispness of the sound and accurate reproduction. Audio Nouveau speakers are hand-built. All bracing and internal chambers are fitted together by hand using advanced woodworking joinery techniques to maintain the proper air volumes for the life of the speaker.

Q. How do they compare to other speakers?

A. Audio Nouveau speakers have compared favorably with some major manufacturers (B&W, B&O, Klipsh, Totem, Thiel, Wilson, etc) by people in the audio industry and by professional musicians and recording engineers. Most speaker manufacturers focus on bright highs and booming bass, which has initial appeal to speaker shoppers. While Audio Nouveau has deep bass and crystal clear highs, the midrange response is far superior which delivers music and sound with authority

Q. What is imaging and do Audio Nouveau speakers image well?

A. Imaging is the ability to project certain ranges of sound to the center of the room. Audio Nouveau speakers image beautifully. The effect simulates being at the concert. It is the difference of listening to your stereo or being at a concert.

Q. Can you build a cabinet that I can place my speaker in?

A. This is not a good idea. Sound exits the speaker in a 180 degree pattern. If the speaker is recessed into the cabinet, the sound will reflect off the sides and distort.

Q. Can Audio Nouveau make my speakers look like furniture?

A. No. Retrofitting another speaker is very costly. We also feel that after you hear Audio Nouveau speakers you will make the change.

Q. What are the options for styles?

A. Anything you can think of. You can select an existing style. match your furniture or design something new. The only restrictions are the size and shape of the speaker cabinet (see question 1, part 2).

Q. What is the frequency response?

A. 36hz to 27khz. Far above and below our hearing levels.

Q. Are home theaters available?

A. Yes. Tuned and matching speakers are available for rear, center channels and sub woofers. They can be built to match your furniture or mounted to the wall.